Study MSBA at Australia - Top Universities, Fee and More

Study MSBA at Australia - Top Universities, Fee and More

In Australia, a two-year Master's in Business Analytics programme can cost anywhere between 40,000 and 77,000 AUD. This ranges from 21 to 38 LPA for candidates from India. A business analytics graduate is equipped with a range of analytical skills for efficient business planning. To enroll in a master's programme in business analytics at an Australian university, you must have a bachelor's degree and a minimum GPA of 65%. GMAT scores may also be required by some colleges when you apply. Examples of supporting documents that are necessary parts of the application include LORs, SOPs, and resumes. Australian universities accept applications twice a year, in February and July.International students can easily apply to universities because many have representatives in many other nations.

Graduates of master's programmes in business analytics are increasingly needed as a result of the steady rise in demand for professionals who can manage the volume of data that businesses are producing every day. Business analysts in Australia make an average salary that ranges from 56,100 to 161,000 AUD, which is 15.27% more than the average salary for all occupations. Business analysts receive a 6-8% annual bonus, which is more than other professionals who only get 3-5%. With a degree in business analytics, you could consider moving to Australia.


Top Australian Universities for Masters in Business Analytics
In response to the rising demand, some of Australia's top universities have added business analytics as one of the main graduate degrees among the courses they offer. The universities in Australia that grant a master's in business analytics are listed below. The table also includes information about the programs' length and price at these renowned universities.



**The price of the programme will vary depending on the campus and length of the programme that the international student chooses.**

 A related stream to business analytics is data science and analytics, which you may want to take into consideration.


Why Study Business Analytics in Australia?
⦁    Two of Australia's most renowned universities, the University of Melbourne and LaTrobe University, both offer Master's in Business Analytics programmes that are among the best in the world.
⦁    Several of the Australian institutions that offer the programme are ranked among the top for graduate employability in the QS employability rankings.
⦁    Competent business analytics workers in Australia typically receive pay that is three times higher than the average for the country.
⦁    The Australian business analytics market grew by 13.4% in 2017, or roughly $1,468.20 million AUD, according to Gartner.
⦁    A PR route course called Business Analytics is included on the list of medium- and long-term strategic skills. Due to the demand for qualified workers in the sector, international students may find it simpler to obtain permanent residency in the nation after receiving a master's degree in business analytics from one of the nation's higher education institutions.


Australian Masters in Business Analytics admissions
Along with the university-specific prerequisites, international students who wish to study in Australia must also fulfill the basic requirements for pursuing a master's degree. Prospective international students should be aware of the following requirements when applying to Australian institutions:

⦁    Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree in one of the following fields: mathematics, information systems, engineering, computer science, physics, economics, or finance. If an applicant meets the criteria listed below, some Australian universities, like Deakin University, might accept them without a bachelor's degree in the relevant field:
⦁    2 years or more of relevant experience
⦁    You must earn a certificate or diploma in business analytics before you can apply for an MS programme in Australia.

⦁    Candidates must have completed three years of undergraduate study, including prerequisite courses in probability, regression analysis, and mathematical concepts.


Australian Master in Business Analytics Required Documents
To ensure a quick application process, students must submit the following paperwork before starting the programme. On the list of documents required for the course are:

⦁    Copies of the applicant's most recent transcripts of grades
⦁    Curriculum outlines for undergraduate studies
⦁    scores on numerous tests, including the IELTS and TOEFL, which are prerequisites for studying in Australia Combined resume and cover letter
⦁    Letters of recommendation may be required by some universities.

The candidates must upload all necessary paperwork to the relevant universities' official portals. Following the creation of a short list of candidates, the university will mail the applicant a letter of confirmation. The candidate must reply as soon as they accept the confirmation letter.


Jobs for Business Analytics Masters students in Australia
⦁    Business analytics is a top-paying profession in the country. From 2019 to 2024, the growth rate is predicted to be 20.2%.
⦁    The average yearly salary for business analysts in Australia is 106,000 AUD.
⦁    Business analysts in Australia get a 13% pay raise every 15 months.
⦁    A bonus can be worth up to 8% of a business analyst's yearly salary, and close to 80% of them receive them.
⦁    International students majoring in business analytics at prestigious Australian universities have access to a wide range of employment opportunities after earning any level of degree.


Australia is one of the best places to pursue a master's in business analytics because there are many industry partnerships between universities there due to the increased demand for skilled labor. Popular partnerships include those between NVIDIA and Monash University, SAS Australia and the University of Melbourne, the IBM Center of Excellence in Business Analytics at Deakin University, and numerous others. It should go without saying that these partnerships will benefit international students pursuing business analytics master's degrees in Australia financially in addition to contributing to closing the supply-demand gap.

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